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Mike Humble : Site creator and Editor…

I’ve worked in and around the motor industry since 1988 and gained valuable experience in almost every dealers department. A former technician and vehicle salesperson, the strings to my bow include both LGV & PSV licenses. Never shy of getting dirty, you’ll often find me elbow deep under the bonnet of an old Rover or something similar.

I write for a number of car and commercial related titles including Car Mechanics Magazine, Classic and Vintage Commercials, Classic Car Weekly and the used car specialist for Parkers Guide. I currently reside in leafy Sussex.

Barrie Wills : Special Contributor 

From Tamworth to Tehran and from three wheelers to eleven metre buses, Barrie has worked all over the world on countless automotive projects that started aged just fifteen as a Jaguar apprentice. Latterly famous for being a director of the De Lorean Motor Company, he’s rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty from numerous organisations in the wonderful industry we call automotive.

His long period working with Reliant found him working with Tom Karen OBE of OGLE Design through which they forged a strong friendship that’s lasting to this day… long after the companies did. A larger than life character, raconteur, author and all round good egg – Mr Wills promises to bring us some humorous experiences from his sharp end of the mad and sometimes surreal world of cars, vans, truck and buses. Barrie resides in Warwickshire.


Dr Ian Pogson : Special Contributor

Dr. Ian Pogson is a father to three proper adults who are a credit to his wife, Sharon. He managed 40 years in automotive manufacture and Engineering, travelling the world and having exhaustive fun with B.L, The Rover Group and latterly MG Motor and Jaguar Land Rover. Responsible for lots of project money, people and cars at various times, he owns a late MGTF and a Mk.1 Freelander. He is a Trustee of the Lanchester Trust and will bore anyone within shouting distance about Dr Fred Lanchester at the drop of a clutch pedal. Currently balding and decrepit, he aims to enjoy each day as if it were his last. Ian resides in a pleasant corner of Worcestershire.


John Armitage : Contributor


John and I go back over thirty five years to the days when he was a young salesman at a local Citroen dealership In County Durham – he would throw me out for stealing the brochures. Since then, John has forged a path in car and commercial sales that reached the heights of National Sales Director for a known commercial vehicle manufacturer.

He claims to hate the motor trade – yet is still passionate about cars and loathes the general public – despite having the ability to charm the birds from the trees. John now runs a couple of successful businesses, sings in a band and works alongside other small enterprises assisting them with sales and marketing coaching. John resides in his homeland of Teesside.


Dr Tom Karen OBE : Contributor

Tom Karen is one of the UK’s best known designers and stylists. Former Managing Director and Chief Designer of the World renown OGLE company, Tom and his team were responsible from designing things as small as children’s toys and bikes – notably the Raleigh Chopper, through to legendary cars such as the Reliant Scimitar GTE and the Bond Bug – working alongside Barrie Wills at Reliant.

His work has also been commissioned by Reliant, British Leyland, TripleX Glass, LDV and even Seddon Atkinson Trucks, but by far Toms biggest and most involving project ever was being asked to design a range of cabs for Leyland Vehicles / Motor Panels – the end result being the successful T45 range. Tom, who was awarded the OBE in 2018 is now semi-retired and lives in Cambridgeshire.


  1. Great blog! I just got started in automotive reviews, so it is always a pleasure to see other similar blogs! Your reviews are interesting and informative! Keep up the good work! Oh, if you ever want to look at reviews of American cars, feel free to check out my blog 🙂

      • Hi Mike,
        Are you still occasionally working on Rover 75 models? I’m considering purchasing a 75 1.8T which has it’s engine light on and a misfire. Hoping it might be something as simple as an incorrect plug gap.Chance would be a fine thing!
        Vendor reckons head gasket ok.

      • Points to check…

        Plugs / leads / coil packs

        Best bet is to buy a cheap OBD scanner reader and download the fault code. BUT BEWARE… It may be caused a water leak from the inlet manifold or cylinder head.

  2. BSD

    Hi Mike,how are you?

    I see that for some reason the reply i sent last night dod not arrive it’s destination…

    Aniway,i am glad to see that you have a website of your own!

    I surfed it and i really enjoy what i see!

    Well done!!!

    Ragarding the bus section,allow me to ask you again to write about the Leyland Royal Tiger that was assembled in Israel (RT1&RT2 versions).

    Were they for export only,or were they also assembled in the UK for local use?

    Finally-referring to “Tiger tiger in the night,there’s a problem with your lights” blog in Aronline,may i ask how do you know what is bar-mitzvah?…

    Have a nice day and all the best!!!


  3. Another year gors by…. And no sign of Dr Tom.
    Is he still with us. Or has he gone to that great car dealership in the sky?

  4. Hi Mike, stumbled across your piece on the Leyland Roadtrain, I grew up near the Leyland motor’s factory in Chorley in the 1970s ( left in 1975 ) the roadtrain cabs were built and lined up alongside older Leylands as far back as this, Tom might know the dates, drove a Roadtrain in 1989 after passing my class 1, it was an X plate (81 or 82) was searching for survivors, not many left

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