The Man In The Mirror: Reflections of a Barber

Lorenzo Bilotto:

Hello and welcome, my name is Lorenzo and I consider myself a true petrol head, car enthusiast, a transport buff and anything else associated with an engine.

Lorenzo Bilotto - Advisor on cars, politics, marriage counselling and a barber!
Lorenzo Bilotto – Advisor on cars, politics, marriage counselling… and a barber!

I am also a Barber in West Sussex and have been for 24 years now. I love chatting about cars so this career suits me well, being able to share views and listen to peoples opinions and advice on all things from trucks to trains. I am looking forward to sharing these conversations and tales with you all on this website from time to time.

My love of cars has always been with me from birth, its in my blood as with most Italians. I love Alfa’s and have a soft spot for BMW, never owning either following the rule never to meet your idols, as great disappointment usually follows, this especially applies to Alfa’s. My first car was a Ford Fiesta mk:1 950cc popular plus, a great first car if a little gutless, it was so basic that it did not even have a rear wiper blade or radio

In a way this simplicity was its charm and I have recently been reminiscing about my Fiesta and was shocked to learn how much they are worth today,  and I gave mine away ! what a plonker!  Still… your old cars are never as good to drive as you remember after getting used to modern cars – and with that notion I have made myself feel better.

My second car was an MG Maestro 2.0 EFi –  brilliant in every way. It went well stopped well, handled well and looked good with 5 door hatch practicality to boot.  It had 5 gears and a radio cassette – a big deal in 1990 for a 20 year old guy. My MG came from my local Rover dealership called Caffyns and cost me all of my savings – £3000 … Blimey! I must have been crazy.

This was a hell of lot of money back then, but worth every penny for the way it made me feel and that’s what its all about. So as you can imagine I could go on forever about cars, but this column is also about what the man on the street talks about and what’s important to him or her.  It will focus on topics like petrol prices, public transport issues classics cars in fact…  anything we all discuss with our barbers regarding transport.

Keep an eye out for my next addition and be part of our thoughts and views, a bit like question time with a twist for car and transport lovers – but in a barber shop. So I look forward to you all popping by – I have ample free parking, a good ear for listening and a comfy chair!


    • Hi spencer,Caffyns are still around but obviously not selling Rover any more ,if you google them you will find them .Thanks ,man in the mirror.

  1. Thanks Lorenzo. Could you tell me what oil you use in your car, as it would then be known as Lorenzos oil………..I’m sorry, I couldnt resist that one !

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