The Man In The Mirror – Reflections of a Barber.

Lorenzo Bilotto:


The hot topic in my barber shop will come as no surprise to you all, it has been the ever upward rise in energy bills. It does seem quite remarkable that energy prices will rise between 8 to 10% in the next year and some energy experts are predicting that in 15 years time energy prices will be as much as 100% more than they are today! However, it is not all doom and gloom; we are all too eager to look on the negative side and concentrate on the increase in the cost of living, food, petrol, energy bills etc.

This is not the case with new car prices.  For example the new MG3 is now available to buy for an amazingly low price of £9,999 and believe it or not this is for the top of the range model and as you can see from Mike’s great review it comes with a tremendous list of standard equipment which is almost too lengthy to list.  I would almost feel so guilty for paying such a low price for so much car that I might feel prompted to tip the salesman – well I’ve heard of tipping the barber but tipping the car salesman? whatever next!!

It doesn’t stop there, Ford have now announced a new low entry price for their new Fiesta, another Great British icon, of just £9,995.  I could go on, I haven’t even mentioned what the Koreans have to offer yet, but don’t worry, I won’t!
New car prices are one of the very few things that have not increased and if anything have decreased but we forget to mention this and now would be the best time to buy a new car.

So if you want to save money just buy a new car and the money you have saved from it’s price freeze can go towards your fuel bill!  This in turn would increase new car sales which are at an all time low across Europe, boost the economy and increase feel good factor.  If you really want a bargain then go down the pre registered route where you can literally save thousands of pounds off list price cars.  So it’s a rare ‘win, win’ situation.

By the way, whilst everyone is complaining as previously mentioned, think carefully before you go out and buy one of the heavily advertised all electric cars because if electricity does increase in price they will be just as costly to run if not more so than today’s petrol equivalents.  Maybe that could be a discussion for next time: Are electric cars any good?  (What else would you expect coming from a true petrol head!)

Well that’s all for me, back to the clippers – oh by the way… I would love to hear your views especially the question concerning electric cars.

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  1. Electric cars? Motorpoint have a 2012 Renault Fluence 3815 miles for £7,999, down from £24,145. Honda is stopping sales of 2 of its hybrids. Go figure!

    I see the new Ford Ka will be a much more practical car while they’re even resurrecting the Ford Escort name for China. I thank Dacia is showing the previously hidden niche for cheap no nonsense and easy to maintain cars.

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