Humble Opinions: Say hello to our new two wheeled wordsmith!

Mike Humble:

Well the site seems to be taking shape nicely and all of us who have burned the midnight oil in our attempt to inform and entertain in equal measures, thank you for your comments and facebook activity. What started out as a spare time soap box for those of us with an opinion about transport or travel seems to be panning out into a regularly viewed corner of the web – remember, its your views that count so don’t keep them to yourself!

The readership stats are looking quite good which of course is all down to you – the readers. Tell your friends and be sure to continue joining in the fun or discussion be it on the site or our ever growing Facebook page – there is much more good stuff to come. So that’s the progress so far folks and I just wanted to offer our collective thanks for your views, thoughts and support – and we do mean it.

But what I would like to mention, is our latest team member who we have secured for those of you who are into motorcycling. Martyn Coote has been a friend of mine for well over 10 years now since our paths first crossed when he was a weekday presenter on BBC 3 Counties Radio. He`s a keen motorbike rider having owned most types from Honda to Harley and will no doubt keep us entertained about things relative to riding.

So sit back and enjoy the ride… and of course say hello to our latest scribbler as AUTOBRITANNIA now proudly covers all aspects of travel and transport which matters most to the reader that counts… You!

One comment

  1. This is wonderful news. I often listened to Martyn whilst commuting between Flitwick and Luton, his shows on the BBC Bedfordshire were as interesting as they were informative. I salute AutoBrittania in securing Martyn, and very much look forward to his ‘word-smithing’

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