Merry Christmas from Autobritannia!

Well Christmas is here once again – Crikey playmates… it must have been at least a year since the last came and went.

We thought it would be relevant to add a little thank you for your support and views to AUTOBRITANNIA as we rapidly hurtle towards the end of 2013. Work and personal events have taken their toll on creative input over the past couple of months, but don’t fret or twiddle with your sets – normal service is about to resume!

Going forward so far as the site is concerned, we have some brilliant new articles coming. Martyn Coote is to be giving us his thoughts on motorbiking now that his workload is easing off (we all have full time jobs you know) and Spencer Payne will be giving us his views on fleet car driving and purchasing.

And how about this then? We have secured the thoughts, words and wisdom of Dr Tom Karen – formerly the Managing Director and Chief Designer to one of the Worlds best known styling houses – OGLE Design. Tom and his team penned the lines to the Reliant Scimitar – Raleigh Chopper and even Leyland trucks.

Dr Tom Karen - Former Managing Director & Chief Designer of OGLE Design joins the team for 2014.
Dr Tom Karen – Former Managing Director & Chief Designer of OGLE Design joins the team for 2014.

Although now in retirement, Tom is still very active and has many great ideas and points of view towards styling and the design of all things to do with transport. His skill and fresh thinking approach towards practicality mixed with style and flair are bound to entertain!

Some new guest writers will be popping in and out too – we are sure you will enjoy their material and we promise you that 2014 is going to be an exiting and interesting time for AUTOBRITANNIA.

May each and everyone of you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy 2014!

Mike Humble

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  1. Best wishes to all the Autobritannia contributors, past, present, and future. May your stories on the transport industry continue to enlighten and remind us of the heritage of BRITISH engineering

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