SMMT Millbrook 2015 : British newcomers tested – MG6 TL

Mike Humble:


Not exactly a new model per say but more of a revised version of MGs family car. Gone is the 1.8 turbo petrol and gone is the (rather pretty looking) four door Magnette saloon too leaving the “6” with just a five door hatch body style. So with one shape and three trim models – S / TS & TL with their 1.9 150Ps diesel engine, how does it shape up in by far the most crowded and aggressive market sector in the motor trade?

Well… the prices are down over the outgoing model and revisions to the Co2 output make the car more palatable to the family driver but a big question mark still hangs over whether its a viable option for fleet users. However, there’s some noticeable improvements in terms of overall build quality thanks to new front and rear lights with welcome alterations to the feel and grain of some of the interior plastics. But thank the Lord for the banishing of the truly horrible handbrake lever which has been cast away and replaced by an electronic parking brake lever.

I only had a brief 15 minute play with the MG6 at the SMMT 2015 press day but in that time noticed the improved quality, the decent road manners and a better touchscreen sat/nav and display unit. Forget about the badge for a moment and its associated politics… its not a bad steer at all out on the road. There was a little bit of detectable NVH coming through the pedals at a certain rev but this may have been a trait of the test car.

I’ll be able to judge better in a little while when we try one for Time Well Spent – but for the moment, I ‘ll say that the MG6 is still off par in terms of desirability or user first choice but the value and new asking prices certainly give it a much needed shot in the arm compared to the recent success of the superbly priced MG3.

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