Stuff : Tracking anything for very little with Trackr.

Mike Humble:

Where EXACTLY is your car if the kids have borrowed it or where did you put the laptop bag? Find it with Trackr!


A new device that can track almost everything has come onto the market and its a doddle to use and operate.

The unit is around the size but a fraction thicker than a 10p coin. Simply hide it in the car, suitcase, small child etc and track it from your phone or tablet. Its incredible for the cost and idiot proof to use.

Its powered by a battery similar to the kind you find in a watch or remote key fob and by using the app it simply pinpoints where the item used is. But its cleverer than that, you can send a message to the trackr from your operating device to emit an 85Db sound – ideal if you have lost your wallet in the house somewhere.

Powered by a small battery, the unit has a lifespan of around a year before battery replacement.. its barely much bigger then a 10p coin.


Battery life is around one year and the trackr device itself costs around £20. Ok so it may not bring down the cost of your car insurance but its a superb way of keeping tabs on your Toyota without the hassle of wiring units into the car and paying for installation charges. The uses are endless, for example, how many times have you worried sick about exactly what and where your son / daughter is when borrowing the car?

To find out more about Trackr CLICK HERE

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