NEWS : Vintage Trains April 2020 Schedule / Coronavirus Update



The UK government’s announcement that the UK is moving to the ‘Delay Phase’ of the Coronavirus outbreak, although not immediately, includes recommendations on social distancing. The well-being of our passengers and staff is our absolute priority and clearly our trains accommodate passengers for lengthy periods of time in close proximity; less than the recommended 1 to 2 metres apart. Having also reviewed the demographics of both our passengers and staff, many could be considered at a higher risk than the average.

With this latest advice from the UK government, the factors detailed above and the clear possibility that further government action will be taken soon, regrettably we feel it prudent to postpone VT’s steam schedule in April 2020. We will continue to work closely with the UK government and health organisations to ensure we are following the very latest advice prior to making further decisions.

With regard to bookings, passengers will be able to transfer to an alternate train scheduled/re-scheduled for later this year. VT will hold bookings until the situation eases and additional trains can be confirmed. Alternatively, a credit note can be requested for use on future trains or a full refund can be made.

In over 50 years of operations, Tyseley/Vintage Trains has faced many challenges and always emerged stronger. We have been able to do so because we put our passengers first. VT is confident that it will overcome this challenging time and thanks customers for their continued support. We look forward to welcoming you aboard again in the near future.

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