Site News: We have a new member in our midst – Mr Barrie Wills

Mike Humble

Ladies and Gentlemen, pray silence please for Mr Barrie Wills – he’s writing for us now – bloody hell!

I am smitten, happy, knocked back and chuffed to announce the arrival of Barrie Wills to the dream factory of AUTOBRITANNIA.NET

For those not in the know, Barrie has experienced a lifetime (he might say gutful) working in the motor industry that started in the late`50s as a Jaguar apprentice aged seventeen. Since those times he led production teams that over saw projects with Daimler buses, Guy trucks, and was responsible for getting the Leyland National bus into production. A long stint with Reliant followed where he came into contact and became good friends with occasional site contributor Tom Karen.

Sleek and elegant with timeless good looks, a strong body made from composite materials and under the skin – proven bought-in components. Alongside that… we have the legendary Scimitar GTE.

From three wheelers it was back to the future when he became the supplies director for the DeLorean Motor Company who had their assembly plant just outside Belfast. His few years alone with DeLorean was turbulent and eventful enough to write a book – which he did of course and Barrie is now a respected automotive writer.

Barrie was at first just another automotive contact I came in touch with, since then we have become good pals and seem to share a similar sideways looking and slightly warped sense of humour. Barrie is riotous fun, informative, engaging and slightly mad – thanks to years of jet setting. From Tamworth to Tehran… the world really was his lobster as Arthur Daley would have said, owing to a lifetime of global automotive exploits.

I’m pleased as punch to welcome him on board – you’ll just adore his rambles I promise.


  1. Fantastic Mike so pleased for you. Your little black book must be stuffed with the eccentric motoring moguls that still walk amongst us. Hope you and all yours are keeping safe.

  2. Great news for the site. The young and the old come together. I look forward to your contributions Barrie – I used to own a GTE you know.


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