Book Review : Austin & Rover Metro The Full Story – 8/10

Great for Metro lovers or Metro lickers alike

Can it be forty years ago this October when the new baby from Austin Morris was born at Longbridge? Craig Cheetham`s new book is worth a read.

Even though I hate to make those who remember it well feel even older than they are, it really was that long ago. Launched at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1980, the Austin Mini Metro went on to sell in big numbers and remained on sale, in one guise or another until the late 1990’s. How this little car ever got into production is a story that’s never really been fully told in print, until now.

Automotive journalist and magazine editor Craig Cheetham invites you to hop in, buckle up and go for a little drive along memory lane as he sets the scene and tells the in a new title called Austin and Rover Metro – The Full Story. From the original prototype that was destined to be the replacement for the Austin Mini way back in 1975 to the final Rover rebrand into the 100 series, Craig dispels some of the Metro myths and guides you through the models 18 year production timeline.

Those heady days of Group B motorsport are covered as Craig spends a while looking at the mighty Metro 6R4

The book looks at all the models including many of the independently customised or tuned vehicles. The author even spares a couple of pages devoted to the various Corgi toys that were on sale for those who were still a few years off getting their driving licences at the time of launch. The stonking 6R4 group B rally cars come under scrutiny along with some tastefully done pages purely devoted to Austin Rovers Motorsport activities.

From A series to K series, Cooper to Kensington, Craig’s vast knowledge of the Metro and 100 series shines through as you paw your way through the 96 pages. There’s plenty of archive images in both black and white and glorious colour and a brief buying guide is slotted in too just for good measure. Overall, it’s an enjoyable little book that avoids going too overboard with technical twaddle.

For avid fans of the Metro or just those who are curious and keen to lean more about Britain’s last home-spun super-mini, it is a well-made recommended read for £14.95 produced by Amberley Publishing  and its on sale now.

Great for Metro lovers or Metro lickers alike – 8/10

One comment

  1. My mother brought a brand new dealer special edition from Caffyns in Brighton

    It was a white city model with the following extras

    Soul Olympics 1988 rings
    Cut on the roof tilt only sunroof
    Blaupunkt am/FM radio with 2 speakers
    Full size wheel hubs

    Also spec at optional cost

    Rear wash wipe
    Passenger door mirror
    See thru head restraints

    On the road £5,200

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